Health conditions
are not universal.

Audience insights shouldn’t be either.

Acento is a full-service, cross cultural advertising agency with a unique approach to health communications.

When important health information can, rightly or wrongly, go viral on TikTok…

When speaking a language other than English at home is commonplace…

When the minority will soon be the majority…

Mastering the nuances of diverse audiences is critical to growth.

From patient care, to behavior change

We use data along with our multicultural segment expertise to find insights that speak uniquely to people’s experiences for more effective health campaigns.

Capabilities to close the gap

Through RADICAL COLLABORATION we harness the power of media, strategy, creative, social, and beyond to build authentic brand connections with diverse audiences.

Multilingual Channel Dynamics

Segment Adjacencies & Intersections

Cultural Movement & Moments Exploration

Socio-linguistic Nuance

Innovation Across Specialties

Data Layering & Validation

Defeating indifference one client at a time

It is a pleasure to recommend Acento to other marketers who seek to drive brand preference and business outcomes with multicultural consumers.

Acento provided a unique value… the ability to efficiently deliver results across a very diverse consumer population.

It is the excellence at all aspects of campaign planning and execution that has merited such a long relationship with CTCP.

Your healthcare marketing experts

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